Next Up! Patricia Connor Wade!

This week's look inside Rannons' Call features non other than. Ahhhhhhhh.

  Patricia Connor Wade!

  Trisha wears many hats for Rannons' Call. She's our booking agent,contact person,and so much more. Oh yeah,she is also our lead singer!

  Before Rannons' Call there was Trisha,so she has been here before the beginning and knows the challenges and joys of this ministry.

  As a lead singer Trisha's job would be easy if all she had to do was just sing, but she can't. You see,the melody is the only thing,other than the lyrics that I know exactly what I want, maybe! Things such as pronounciatons,dynamics, every little twist,I know what I want it to sound like. Before there are any adjustments to the presentation of the lyrics, she first has to do these things like I want them in order for us to decide if there are any changes to be made.

  What makes her job even more challenging,to convey the lyrics exactly how I want them is that, I can't sing! How in the world can she know how to sing what I want if I can't show her?! First you have to know a person, how they think, second you have to be patient,third you have to be prepared for a whole lot of "yeah that's it", "No, that's not it","Do this", "Try that", fourth, you have to be patient. I know I said patience twice, but patience is what she has with me when we are developing a song and I appreciate it!

  Again, knowing me has made her job easier! Oh Oh, I think I better clarify that statement! She understands me, my thought process and the flavor I want the song to convey.(Nice recovery!)

  There is music in the message. Trisha's name can easily be beside mine on every lyric I have ever written. If she has doubts on a  phrase or word we change it. She sings with the conviction of a person who believes what she sings,and she won't do that unless she believes it.

  Most importantly, Trisha knows the Word of God,has a deep understanding of the Word of God,and lives the Word of God,and thankfully she is my minister. She continually  encourages me in the vision for Rannons' Call. She has what I call "That Crazy Faith"! I need that from her, But, then again, God already knew that.

  Don't forget to vote for your favorite song for our very first video and tune in again next week for our final look inside Rannons' Call. I wonder who's left!!


                                  Ephesians 3:20,21






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