1. Heartbreak

From the recording Heartbreak

To witness to one you care about and they reject Christ,and leave this world without knowing Him is truly heartbreaking


Walked around your way,thought I would see you,just stopped to say what I always say           No lights no sounds guess I'll leave,tomorrow I'll try again                                                               Why is it so hard,what stops your heart from hearing,what can matter more,you're far from the plan,not past the point of return I won't let you go Walked around your way,they said that I can't see you,you're gone nothing left to say Guess I'll leave,won't be back,no need to try again           Why was it so hard,what stopped your heart from hearing,what did matter more,far from the plan,way past the point of return I got to let you go Been way too long and I'll never see but I must go on,Why was it so hard