First Up: Valerie Sharpe!

  As promised last week I thought it would be a good idea to share with you an inside look at Rannons' Call. My perspective,thoughts, if you will,about what makes us indiviually unique and how it complements us as a whole.

 So, without further ado! First up is Valerie Sharpe!

  Valerie is our background singer. I have come to realize that not only is her role critical to our sound,but that it is also hard and can sometimes be overlooked!

  Lets look at it this way. A lead singer will sing a song in the key that's best suited to their voice. A background singer has to sing in that key whether it compliments their voice or not. They also have to make their voices blend and not just harmonize with the lead singer,which means that they make sure they breathe when the lead breathes,offer the same inflections,dynamics,phrasings to the words, the notes. This doesn't mean that they sound like the lead singer, but their voices have to compliment each other. Believe me, I have seen and heard people who can sing but cannot do these things. Valerie is able to do all of these things.

  More important than being a great singer is your ability to connect with the other members. Valerie is funny,witty and definitely has a sharp (pun intended) tongue! She makes rehearsals a lot more fun!

 With just three instruments and two vocals we fill up a room with sound and Valerie plays no small part in making this happen. She is serious about getting it right and always comes prepared with her best. Valerie is committed to the ministry of Rannons' Call. It's about being a blessing to someone through the words, the music, the song. She takes that seriously and we can't ask for anything more. Thanks Val.

  Don't forget to vote for the song that we use for our first video and be sure to check us out next week as we continue to look inside Rannons' Call.


                                               Ephesians 3:20,21


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