A few years ago I was getting a checkup from my doctor, he asked the usual questions about my diet, exercise, etc.

  My blood pressure was high so he asked if I had been under any stress. I said "What, other than life?!

  Now I know Christians are not suppose to experience stress and that Christians know how to handle each and every situation perfectly! Unfortunately, I don't live in that world!

  I like to think I'm pretty cool, No drama! That's what I think. Don't ask anyone who knows me!!

  I recently had to rethink things because I was going over the list. You know, The List! I believe everyone has at least one. A list of things to do, the list of things you are not able to do. The list of things you didn't do. The list of things you should have done. I can make a list of list!!! You get the idea.

  Ok, back to me rethinking my list. When I woke up a few mornings ago I immediately began to go over my lists. Yes, lists with an "S". I then said, "Father, thank you for giving me another day." I know this is a simple sentence, that some of us may say it matter-of-factly. But when I said it, it hit me. It was as if I was being reminded. Being reminded of who God is, what He is, and where He is. I know what I'm saying is nothing new. I know that we all know. But, every now and then it is good to be reminded. I feel my Help!

  I still have lists. But, I'm cool, no drama. I have seen Him too many times cross items of my list! I feel my Help!!


                       Ephesians 3:20,21



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