My Confession

I have a confession to make. Everyone, and I do mean everyone has some things that they don't want anyone to know about. I'm no different, I have some too.

  I really need you to not hold what I'm going to reveal about myself against me, please! First let me say I have only done it two times this year so it's not like I do it all the time. Second, I've seen other men do it! I know that's not an excuse, that it doesn't matter how many times you have done it or who else does it but that's my story and I'm  sticking to it!

  Ok enough of this already, I need to do this like taking off a band-aid and just say it. "I enjoy shopping for clothes". There, I said it. Like I said, I've only done it twice this year and I have seen other guys do it and guess what? It's not that bad, in fact I enjoyed it! I would look and see what I like and see how it would match up with something else and put together a whole ensemble, it's fun!

  There is one thing I did not realize though. I have some expensive taste! Clothes are expensive!I did not have a clue that they cost so much! Trisha buys all my clothes. Basically I'm her 6ft. 2in.,200lb babydoll! She gets to dress me like she wants me to look. I don't mind, she has great taste, but boy, I did not realize clothes are expensive! I know I said that before but I just did not realize the cost. I never thought about it. I know I always wear quailty clothes and quailty cost money but I never really thought about how much money. 

  I have an understanding now. I understand now when she says that I have to change shoes before I work on the car, or change shirts before I work in the yard. You see I would just wear whatever I had on to do whatever I was going to do. I didn't understand the cost. Wow, it's like when you were a child and your parents made you take off your school clothes when you got home. Listen you guys can't tell anyone about this!

  As I said I have an understanding now of the cost of things, and it ain't cheap! I try to take better care of what I have because I know the cost, I know the price, I know what it took for me to look like I do.

  I just thought about something. It would be crazy for me to know what it cost, to know it wasn't cheap and to treat what I have as if it was free, as if it was cheap, as if it wasn't worth taking care of, as if it were nothing.

  You know I'm going there but I still have to say it. Salvation is free but it comes with a cost. A perfect man gave His life for me, Jesus, who is the Christ. I have to do a better job with what He has given me. Life.


                                                 Ephesians 3:20,21

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