The Answer Is Simple


  An interviewer was on the high speed train from Peking to Shanghai and asked a question of one of the passengers. A question about foreigners or tourist who come to visit. The old man, in answering the question talked about how those who site see in the big cities and urban areas are prone to think how progressive and modern China is.

  He began to lament that the view of high rises and busy streets is only the smallest part of China that the tourist see. He went on to explain that most Chinese live in the countrysides of these huge cities and that they are poor, very poor. That the gap between most Chinese who are poor and the few rich is constantly growing.

  As the high speed train stopped for a minute at the birthplace of Confucius the interviewer asked another question. "How", he asked, "do you solve this problem?"

  The old man looked out his window at the place where Confucius was born and measured his answer to make sure he did not say anything that would get him in trouble with the authorities.

  "The answer is simple", he said. "But it is difficult for those who have the power to solve it".

  I know what the answer is. Your answer may be different than mine.

  What's your answer? Let me know.

 " The answer is simple, but it is difficult for those who have the power to solve it"


                             Ephesians 3:20,21


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