A while back I was getting on the highway when I heard a noise coming from my vehicle. I quickly pulled over, got out and sure enough I had a flat tire. No problem. I popped the trunk, grabbed the spare tire, lug wrench, jack....wait a minute, no Jack!

  As I was comtemplating my next move a heavy duty pick-up truck with a huge trailer pulled over. The driver asked if I was okay. After explaning about my jack or lack thereof he quickly went to his trailer, pulled out a jack, got on the ground and jacked my vehicle up! I got the lug wrench and began to take the lugs off but it was the wrong wrench, it didn't fit! He went back to his trailer and got an assortment of sockets and in no time we changed the tire.

  He loaded his tools and hopped in his truck so quickly that I had to hurry to catch him. I told him that I didn't have any money on me and that we could stop by an ATM. His response was "No, we are here to help one another" and he drove off.

  There have been other times since then, when strangers have helped me without wanting or accepting anything in return. Although they didn't say it ,I believe it was because of that same thought, that we are here to help one another.

  I recently listened to an interview with a super hero from Canada. Yes, a real, live super hero. Mask, cape, tights, the whole nine yards! He walks the streets helping the homeless in any way he can. His costume is his way of bringing attention to the plight of the homeless. There are others, the bicycle riders with trailers full of food, distributing to the needy, the woman in Maryland opening her doors to at risk girls, and so many more. All do it not for recognition, but simply because we are here to help one another.

  In the interview with the super hero from Canada, there was something that was said that is hard for some to do, something we have to work at, and that is to "reject apathy".

  Reject apathy. As the man that helped me would say "We are here to help one another."


                       Ephesians 3:20,21

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