We counted, triple checked and verified the vote in our contest to see what our very first video would be and guess what, we don't have a winner! It was a tie!

  Who'd a Thunked?!!

  I was so ready to start work on the storyline and concept but for now we have to put  that on hold. So we need you once again to vote for one of the two so that we can have a clear winner. 

  There will be four, yes four people who will make a  cameo appearance in our first video. One each from the list of the two songs in the originial voting,one from the song list that wins the tie- breaker and one more.

   Here are the two that won the most votes for our first video.

#1. Rannons' Call

    It seems that I see more and more people who believe in the trinity. Unfortunately their trinity is Me, Myself and I. I cannot and will not ignore someone in need spiritually or physically, to walk by as if they are invisible. Just like I can look in a persons eyes and see their joy, I also can look in their eyes and see their pain. No one wants to be inconvenienced, no one has time. Rannons' Call the song and Rannons' Call the ministry is about being a help, a blessing to others without thought of personal gain, of what's in it for me. It comes naturally because it is in us, it is what we are called to do.

  I thank God for the person who inspired me to write this song, by me seeing her give of herself over and over and over again, even at high cost. 

#2. Only One Chance

    Chance Kyron Pate, 21yrs old, my nephew. I first wrote this song as a way to release my pain of losing him. I also wrote it for those who knew him and for those who loved him. I also wrote this song because Chance was more than just a few lines in the local news. But, this song began to evolve into much more. It began to also be about those who take this life for granted. God is a God of second chances but He only gives us one chance at life. As hard as this was to write, it was easy because of his mother. The words poured out of her, all I had to do was listen.

  Chance was a Christian and there are so many who speak about his positive influnence in their lives.

  So there you have it. Two of the most powerful songs I have written. Both about the life we live and how we choose to live it. Both deserving of being the first video. Please take the time to go to our lyric page and read the words to each and make your choice on our VOTE FOR ME !! page.

  This is a vote where there is no wrong choice!!


                                  Ephesians 3:20,21



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